IT Consulting
& Services

Society of AI  provides assistance in the development of the website and applications with complete designing of UI/UX along with it the creation of chatbots, data analytics, video ad presentation, and delivers cloud  management service with the main objective of client gratification as a prime concern.

Our Services

Website Development

We have an experienced web app development team that is passionate about developing web apps with a user-friendly experience.

App Development

We design & develop custom mobile apps for Android & IOS platforms. Our app developers have expertise in creating mobile applications using AI &ML technologies. 

Digital Marketing

We can help you promote your products or services on a digital platform to grow exponentially in this market. Social Media platforms are the new era's market.


Now be connected with your customer

24 x 7 with chatbot services given by Society of AI and get your customer satisfied each time customer visit your website.



Data Analytics is the practice of using data to drive business strategy and performance. It includes a range of approaches and solutions, from looking backward to evaluate what happened in the past.


Video Presentation

In the era where people are more dedicated to watching videos rather then reading blogs.Get your product advertise with our video presenter and be ready for market.

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'Our e-learning platform is extremely gratified by the services rendered by the Society of AI in the WordPress Website development their work is incredible. They have resolved so many issues on our website it looks fantastic again!! it gives me now the peace of mind at work' 


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Society of Artificial Intelligence is the core where the power of thinking collaborates with acting. Here, the concept comes to an act, bringing implementation to the thought process. SoAI established in the year 2018 is headquartered in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, operates domestically and internationally, maintaining a national and global presence, digitally.