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A smart and comprehensive cloud management is important for every business to protect and restricts the cloud assets from any data loss or downtime. SoAI provides cloud management services to our clients. Cloud computing has been a big shift from traditional way businesses think about IT resources. We provide customized cloud management services to our clients bringing them the benefits like:-

  • Cost Elimination – Cloud computing eliminates the capital expenses of buying hardware and software and maintaining a set-up and running on-site data centers.

  • Speed – A vast amount of computing resources or data can be done in minutes with just a few clicks, giving businesses a good flexibility.

  • Global Scale – One can access the data or information from any right geographic location, whenever needed.

  • Productivity - As cloud management services does not require any hardware set-up or software services, therefore IT Professional of our business work upon other business factors to improve performance. It also works on securing data centers, which are upgraded regularly to provide efficiency and thus enhance productivity.

  • Security – We, being a cloud management service provider offers a broad set of policies and technologies for controlling purpose and strengthening security towards protecting data, apps and infrastructure from potential and coming threats.

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