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Data, Data and Data…… Everywhere! More the data more is the difficulty to manage it. Here come the projects providing you easiness in handling your data. Data Analytics is the practice of using data to drive business strategy and performance.


In simple terms, it is a process of cleaning, screening and monitoring the data for effective and sound business decision-making. It uses different ways and approaches for providing outcomes and solutions to the business by examining the past behavior and activities, offering you suggestions for future possibilities and development. It simply analyses the past history and provide future trends and projections.

  • SoAI functional business is laid on the vast field of Data Analytics bringing consistent reports on opportunities in the field of Information Management, Performance Optimization and Analytic Insights.

  • We understand the role of decision-makers and adding value to their decisions, converting regular facts into insights to work upon. SoAI provide solutions for advanced analytics, enterprise data management, ERP Analytics

  • The necessity of Data Analytics- Data Analytics gives the real look of the outcomes and productivity stats, examining the entire value chain of the business. We, at SoAI lends you our expertise on holding, managing and assessing your data to have a clear picture of your work

  • We possesses deep industry knowledge and experience in advanced analytic skill, depicting the actual and reality of the entire business value chain in a transparent manner to improve the position of the company, giving an insights on the area of improvement to upgrade the activities and functions of the corporate.

  • Our team of dedicated professionals uses a comprehensive procedure to analyze data that is fueled by our deep industry mastery, extensive applicable experience and knowledge of technology.

  • We work in collaboration with our clients to help you understand which queries matters them most for their business and also assist them in providing solution to those queries.

  • Problem reflects possibilities and turning them into opportunities is our priority. In the modern digital era, innovation and new technologies such as cloud, mobile, social media and data analytic, along with emerging cyber-security.

  • SoAI experts understand the need to use data to get the root cause of a problem understanding business issues and unlock the opportunities opening the doors of success for them with a new platform.

  • SoAI widen the the opportunity to the business by examining the pain points or the problem through data analytics and look at the scope of improvement providing better strategies to cope up with those problems. It offers a complete hand in decision-making with a clear data structure model making the organization productive and work smoothly.

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