Why Choose SOAI? 


Value addition to our clients delights them. We respect each of our clients and always make an endeavor to meet their expectations. Our experts are committed to adding value and quality to our clients along with the public.


Honesty and Transparency is the center of building a strong and long-term relationship. We maintain a transparent line in our business activities by fulfilling Trust as the foundational value on which association lies upon.

03.Smartness on Fingers

As a technology-driven company, we are experts in providing IT solutions and maintaining a digital presence. We believe smartness lies within us and bringing change is our duty. All our staff fulfills the requirement of clients using smart and latest techniques, works on project engagement assuring excellence


We believe teamwork brings dream work in reality. Our IT professionals offer the best technology development services and ensure 100% quality with a dedicated approach.

05.People Culture

Each employee is a valuable asset to our organization. We value every individual connected to us. Their recognition matters to us as it is believed that employees' happiness brings wonders to an organization. Improving their Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude (KSAs) by continuous development is a fruitful path to organizational growth.


We act on providing a perfect balance of competitive pricing and uncompromising quality. We value in delivering more for less. As the trust and strong foundational relation with our clients is our real asset. Therefore, we put a perfect picture of affordability for our clients

Who are We?

Our team of professionals works with full dedication and commitment to our clients, providing rich and valuable experiences. Our experts in each sphere focus on quality enhancement and value addition for our clients. Our Team is our greatest strength and their attitude of working together has been a great success to the Society of AI. Their knowledge, skills, and Attitudes (KSAs) they bring to the table is extraordinary and their continuous growth and development is one of our duty!

Teamwork Depicts Dream Work. Together Everyone Achieves More / Delivering Value!

SoAI has been successful in imparting its services to the clients in a distinct way. Our clients are our priority. We not only work for our clients, we work for their clients and customers as well. We value customization and personalization of each and every client along with a belief in maintaining transparency and integrity. Apart from increasing our client-base, we also focus on increasing customer-base for our clients too. By providing solutions to them accordingly to enhance their business and uplifting growth avenues for them.

Therefore, sharing a successful journey with you is a great pleasure for SoAI.

  • Connected Classroom- An E-Learning platform for the whole school, whether be it teacher, principal, students, or parents. In the tough times of crisis, we felt it as a duty to provide a platform to school to remain connected to each other and can work smoothly.

SoAI develops a virtual platform for them by offering App Development Services which connects learning at school and home. This application is a part of modern, sophisticated cloud-based ecosystem that is controlled and monitored by the student’s own school. It provides assistance in learning and has made it easier for teachers and students to be in contact with them in a virtual way removing location and time barrier. It helps teachers serve rich-quality content, multimedia lessons, and assignments to the students and also to monitor the student activities timely and provide feedback accordingly.

It has been a perfect solution for parents as well to lessen the burden of expensive and unorganized home tuitions. Parents can also assess the performance of their students through the app and can keep an eye on the progress status of their child.

It has been designed by our educational experts using the latest pedagogy researches such as multiple intelligence, learning spaces, Flipped and Blended learning, and Digital Evolution of Schooling and designed using Java technology. It is not only designed for present purpose during the crisis, but also has usage in the future too, as students can clear the doubts and queries anytime and anywhere from their mentors.

  • Docty- Docty, a smart health solution available across the country, is an on-demand application, in which users can pay from any electronic device for the service they receive.


Docty is a platform which provides safe and reliable care to patients, solving two problems for the users (patients) to have medical care in assistance –

  • Limited resources, and

  • Long- Care times

SoAI team has been a great service for docty, offering them a pocket app using Flutter Tool that allows doctors to offer medical care to the patients by interpreting the information those patients provide and identify ailments, followed by improving diagnosis and treatment. We have provided them assistance in achieving this through Artificial Intelligence that allows them to identify symptoms with facial recognition and gives access to the medical history in real-time.


It gives 24/7 assistance as doctors are available anytime and anywhere. It simply connects doctors and patients sharing a virtual door. The App gives 70 health professionals ready to perform their personalized medical and consultancy services. It also gives a video call feature and it prevents patients from catching other illnesses in the waiting area, being a virtual door. It gives you the easiness of booking your appointments with the specialist.

  • Vara Technology- Vara technology is a client-based company embracing innovation and leveraging world-class technology to deliver maximum business value to the organization. It drives transformation by offering services in Blockchain, Cyber Sleuths, Internet of Things, Analytics, Application Services, Asset Tracker, and GIS Mapping.


SoAI has been a great assistance to them as we have coordinated to them for their full-stack website development, using the latest technology of angular 1. X. SoAI provides assistance to Vara technology in connecting them to their clients through this website and enhancing B2B Growth and Development. We have partnered with them not only for current time-being; we assist them in providing the latest and smart updates versions for their websites in the near future too.

  • Talent hut- Talent Hut is a platform for hiring tech talent. It finds, verifies and hand-matches customers with the highly-skilled freelance IT Professionals. Therefore, one gets the convenience of on-demand talent and the expertise of IT. SoAI has designed a website for Talent Hut using the latest technology of Angular 4 and Node. Talent Hut has been able to upscale their business through this one-stop-store as a website for their users as it provides complete information about Talent Hut to the users like what they do, how they do, and how they verify their experts using different testing techniques like technical, communication, leadership, problem-solving and so on.It also gives a platform to the IT Professionals to share their knowledge and experience with the students by getting hired. Talent Hut hires for skills like architects, analytics, developers, designers, project managers, scrum masters, and testers.


  • MyKirana- MyKirana is a shopping site for your groceries need, providing you online express home delivery.SoAI has designed a website for MyKirana using the technology of Angular and React. MyKirana has been able to grow its business with the website as it uses the location of the user and allows him to shop groceries from local vendors or nearby shops as their trusted, neighborhood, local stores are completely online. It gives access to the users to choose from several stores, place their orders and relax. Along with this, the site has an option of fast checkout through cash on delivery, UPI, E-Wallets and more.It has been serving to various locations in India. Through this website, they have been able to provide relatable information about them to their users and have also shared their phone number, order placement, and payment submission through virtual doors. Users can research MyKirana, can read customer reviews, buy groceries, and also track their orders through this website.

  • Arcskill- An E-Learning platform providing recognized leadership in improving teaching, learning, and assessing educational outcomes across the life span through research, scholarship, and technology.SoAI has designed a website for Arcskill simply using WordPress technique and helping them grow their business by sharing qualitative information to the users and learners. We have taken care of speed, content quality and responsive design techniques while developing a website for them. Arcskill provides the finest platform to integrate learning with career building through this website.

  • Best Buy- Best Buy is a shopping site for the users and customers, where they can shop across different brand by their home.SoAI has developed chatbots for Best Buy using IBM Watson, Firebase and Angular technologies.


  • Revnin- Revnin is a party planner website that focuses on making packages for customers for different scenarios. It aims to simplify the way one goes to a restaurant and wait for their food or order to come. Therefore Revnin helps customers to book their table food before visiting restaurants and enjoys it when visiting. One can customize the package the way they want by ordering huge amounts for friends, relatives, and colleagues. It is a creative solution t party organizing and restaurant booking chaos.SoAI assists Revnin in their Digital Marketing and Video Marketing Promotion. It helps Revnin in marketing their online presence and extending digital opportunities to reach their users and potential customers to plan their party visits. We have found out the best ways to bring more customers to their virtual doors using different digital marketing techniques, be it on search engines or social media. Our experts in digital marketing allow them for boosting awareness for their business and building strong and long term relations with their customers. We have also landed them help in sending relevant information and package offers to people and advertising special events.


Chatbots are artificial intelligence software that initiates a conversation and communicates with customers or using a natural language. It is done via messages on app and websites as well. Best Buy has grown its business through the chatbots services as it provides assistance to its customers 24*7 anytime and anywhere, clearing their doubts or queries. It guides customers on what they want to know, from where they will get it, and how they can use the different functions of the app or websites, which enhances user experience and improve the profitability of the business. We do not just deliver one-time service to them; we also aim to offer updated versions of chatbots with latest and updated technologies.


Meet The Team

Gurjas Singh

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Gurjas is one of our recognized team members and Android Development Head bringing his knowledge and skills of programming languages, building models, data visualization techniques, and Android technologies into actions. He is a Data scientist expert possessing great industrial exposure in the field of IT and Machine Learning, as he is a detail-oriented and tech-savvy man.

Ankit Verma

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A machine learning enthusiast, expertise in data analytics, and time-series along with image analysis and data visualization is a founder of the Society of AI. He is also the director of Seema and Sons and has also provided his co-founder ownership to Revnin. He possesses valuable experience in Artificial Intelligence.Project Management, Data Modeling and latest IT framework.

Anuj Verma

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Experienced in marketing lead the team of more than 50 people and have a good communication skill in the organization. His digital marketing skill has helped our company grow exponentially. He has expertise in marketing and his ideas always bring a positive change. He is a great addition to the team of the society of AI. He possesses valuable experience in DIgital Marketing.

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